Today 14th November 2017, the Decentralized Climate Finance project is conducting a two days District Councilors Training at Equator Hotel in Arusha.

This training aims at building the capacity of Councilors of Longido, Monduli and Ngorongoro districts to better understand and appreciate their role in order to better participate in local and district level planning processes in their district. Through this training, Councilors will be empowered to play key policy setting and oversight roles since they are the ones who are responsible for approving the annual plans and budget for the effective delivery of services to communities in their LGAs.

In-order for councilors to play those roles, they need to be equipped with proper understanding of their roles, responsibilities, regulations and standing orders. Thus, this forms the basis for this training of Councilors from Longido, Monduli and Ngorongoro Districts.

Therefore, the training will focus on the following:

  • To Introduce Councillors to the Science of Climate Change including the key concepts/tools,
  • To explore the key concepts on participatory planning and use of key tools such as Participatory Mapping, Resilience Assessments and O&OD,
  • To familiarise Councillors with planning and budgeting cycle at district and sub district levels,
  • To enable Councillors to understand and appreciate the roles and responsibilities of various players in the planning and budgeting process,
  • Introduction to budgetary control techniques,
  • Understand their role in enhancing accountability at various levels of the LGAs, and
  • Use the knowledge and skills so acquired in their day to day financial management oversight

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