World Environment Day

World Environment Day

“Let’s meet in Butiama: Environment Is Life”

About a year ago, WHO report about air quality which examined PM 2.5 (fine particulate pollution) and PM 10 (coarse pollution particles) levels in 3000 cities across the globe. In the report, Morogoro happened to be a city from the Republic of Tanzania that was mentioned, ranking number 33 of the 39 listed from Africa.

The report said that 80% of city dwellers are breathing in bad air and are at a risk of life-threatening diseases like lung cancer, added that the air pollution is rising at an alarming rate in urban areas of poor countries. The same report placed Onitsha in Nigeria as the most polluted city and Sinclair in US as the least polluted, here are the 39 most polluted cities in Africa.

With this year’s World Theme, “Connecting People to Nature” has much changed? Has the ranks seen any change in the name of the cities mentioned a year ago!

Tanzania will celebrate the World and National Environment Day in Butiama, Mara with the theme “Environment Conservation; Essential for an Industrialized Tanzania”

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