Green Climate Fund

PO-RALG Training on accessing the Green Climate Fund in Tanzania

As climate finance flows continues to grow, national agencies within Tanzania can develop their readiness to meet different requirements of these funds. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) can be one source given its focus on helping developing countries achieve their ambition for low-carbon resilient development. This workshop was designed to prepare PO-RALG for its accreditation process to become a National Implementing Entity of the GCF, giving it direct to GCF finance. The workshop provided an overview of GCF processes and procedures as well as the concepts, relevant standards and frequently asked questions related to the GCF.

This report summarises the training workshop on “Accessing the Green Climate Fund in Tanzania” that participants from PO-RALG, IRDP and LGTI went through in a two day workshop carried out in Dodoma on 27th – 28th June 2016. The training was facilitated by Neha Rai, Senior Researcher, IIED; Ced Hesse, Principle Researcher, IIED; Alais Morindat, DCF Project Coordinator, IIED; and Dr. Lucy Ssendi, Senior Climate Change Advisor with PO-RALG.